Articles on Suffering

Sheep, Wolves, Snakes, and Doves

Thoughts on Matthew 10:16

Matthew 10:16

by John Piper

How can we know whether to persevere through persecution or run away from it?

God's Undeserved Gift to the World: Christian Sufferers

Thoughts on Hebrews 11:37-39

Hebrews 11:37-39

by John Piper

A Christian's suffering shows the world that Jesus is more valuable than whatever life can give and death can take.

When Words Are Wind

Job 6:26

by John Piper

In grief and pain and despair people often say things they otherwise would not say, and we should not reprove them.

Talking to Your Tears

Psalm 126:5-6

by John Piper

When there is work to be done and you are sad, do it with tears, trusting that there will yet be a harvest of joy.

Trouble: Faith's Best Friend

by John Piper

Suffering would seem to threaten endurance, not promote it. But that's not what James says.

“That I May Share His Sufferings”

A Lenten Meditation on the Christian Life

by John Piper

Paul was willing to suffer in his service of the gospel. So should we.

Where the Great King Keeps His Wine

by John Piper

It's the seasons of affliction that yield the most spiritual fruit.

How God Teaches the Deep Things of His Word

A Meditation on Psalm 119:65–72

Psalm 119:65-72

by John Piper

A meditation on goodness in Psalm 119:65–72.

Three 9/11's We Need to Know

How to Mark and Honor This Day

by John Piper

The greatest tribute we can pay those who have died is to live for Christ, who is in control.

When There's Crisis at Christmas

by Noël Piper

Noel Piper encourages a friend to hold onto Jesus at Christmas time even if nothing about the holiday season feels joyful.

Luther, Bunyan, Bible and Pain

Psalm 119:71

by John Piper

One of God's gifts to us in suffering is that we see and experience depths of his Word that a life of ease would never yield.

The Passion of Jesus Christ and the Passion of Auschwitz

by John Piper

Is there a way that Jewish suffering may find, not its cause, but its final meaning in the suffering of Jesus Christ?

Embracing the Pain of Shame

by John Piper

There is a kind of shame that you should not be ashamed of.