Articles on The Bible

Why Memorize Scripture?

by John Piper

Six reasons to learn Bible verses by heart.

O That You Might Be Strong Like a Tree!

by John Piper

It is impossible to meditate on God’s word as continually as we should if portions of it are not in our mind.

One Way to Wield the Weapon of the Word

by John Piper

John Piper shares a method for remembering all day what you read in the morning.

A Deep and Peaceful Hour

by John Piper

Scripture has the power to put your fretting soul to rest.

The Precious Gift of Baby Talk

by John Piper

The Bible is infinitely precious, true, glorious baby talk.

Where Can You Find Something That Is…

by John Piper

Eleven virtues of the Word of God, and seven ways to respond to it.

Morning Meditations on 4 Parts of the Bible

by John Piper

Stay in the Word so that you can see more of the God you love.

About My Other Wife

by John Piper

Galatians is the preservation of the gospel for Bethlehem Baptist Church. It is for you. Marry it!

Bethlehem: House of Bread

by John Piper

Can we be a people who embrace with gratitude both the scholarly enterprise and the simple joy of breaking bread together?

A Reply To Gerhard Maier

A Review Article

(Published in The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 22/1 (1979), pp. 79-85.)

by John Piper

Pierced By the Word of God

Hebrews 4:12

by John Piper

Use the Bible to know yourself and confirm your own spiritual life.

Thoughts on the Sufficiency of Scripture

What It Does and Doesn't Mean

by John Piper

To affirm truth with extra-biblical language is more biblical than using biblical language to defend falsehood.