Articles on The Grace of God

Future Grace

by John Piper

Obedience shouldn't flow from gratitude but from faith in future grace.

125 Years of Bygone Grace for the Sake of Faith in Future Grace

by John Piper

By looking to God's faithfulness in the past we can have hope for the future.

The Lord's Touch

by John Piper

The touch of God in the heart is an awesome thing.

The Unmerited, Conditional Grace of God

Reflections on Psalm 25

Psalm 25

by John Piper

There is a profound difference between sinners who keep God’s covenant and those who don’t.

The God in Front and the God Behind

by John Piper

Not all of God’s grace is behind us pushing to obey. There is also grace in front of us beckoning us to follow.

When the Potter Is for Us: Boom!

by John Piper

Mixing God’s absolute power with his rights as Creator causes combustion in the heart.