Conference Messages

Worship and World Missions

Western Seminary Missions Conference | Portland, Oregon

Wonderful Things from Your Word

Tyndale College and Seminary | Toronto, Ontario

Upsetting the World

Ligonier Ministries National Conference | Orlando

Treasuring Christ and the Call to Suffer

Wheaton, Illinois

Think, Feel, and Preach Christ

Samara Preachers Conference | Samara, Russia

The Whole Glory

Seattle, Washington

The Supremacy and Sweetness of God

William E. Conger Lectures | Birmingham, Alabama

The Pastor as Scholar & the Scholar as Pastor

Park Community Church | Chicago

The Mercies of God and the Transformed Christian Mind

Asheville, North Carolina

The God Who Strengthens His People

EFAC National Conference | Melbourne, Australia

The Goal, Ground, Gift, and Gravity of Preaching

Ockenga Lectures on Preaching | South Hamilton, Massachusetts

The Christian Leader

Sanders Christian Foundation | South Hamilton, Massachusetts

The Blazing Center

Bethlehem Baptist Church Youth Retreat | Minneapolis

Text & Context

Resurgence Conference | Seattle, Washington

Sweet and Bitter Providence

UCCF Forum | Oswestry, England

Supremacy of God in Preaching

H. I. Hester Lectureship on Preaching | Kansas City, Missouri

Spirit-Filled Ministry

The Evangelical Ministry Assembly | London

Sanctified Sex Before Marriage

Toshavim Retreat | Minneapolis

Resurgence of the Local Church

Advance Conference | Raleigh, North Carolina

Pursuing the Glory of God Among the Nations

Declare His Glory Among the Nations Conference | Dallas, Texas

Pastors, Preach the Word

Piper 2 Leaders | Pretoria, South Africa

Passion for the Supremacy of God

PDI Celebration East Conference | Indiana, Pennsylvania

Our Desires and Their Fulfillment in Christ

Campus Outreach Christmas Conference | Atlanta, Georgia

One Life

Campus Outreach National Conference | Chattanooga, Tennessee

Name Above All Names

PDI Celebration East Conference | Indiana, Pennsylvania

Mobilizing World Evangelism

First Presbyterian Church Missions Conference | Augusta, Georgia

Manhood, Womanhood, and God

Staley Lecture Series, Bryan College | Dayton, Tennessee

Living the Supremacy God

Christian & Missionary Alliance General Council | Charlotte, North Carolina

Holding on to Your Faith in the Midst of Suffering

The Cove: Asheville, North Carolina

Gospel Presence

Grace Agenda Conference | Moscow, Idaho

God's Passion for Our Joy

Rezolution | Johannesburg, South Africa

God's Passion for His Global Glory

Wheaton College Missions In Focus | Wheaton, Illinois

Future Grace: Its Purifying Power

Newfrontiers Conference

Future Grace for Finishing the Task

International Missions Week Ridgecrest | North Carolina

For Your Joy

FIEL Conference for Pastors and Leaders | São Paulo, Brazil

Finishing the Task

Finishers Conference | Chicago, Illinois

Everything: Glorifying God in Global Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach Staff Conference

Enjoying God

Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in BC & Yukon Convention

Delighting in God

SEMBEQ Conference | Montreal, Quebec

Christ: No Other Name

ReFocus Conference | Vancouver

A Call to Bible-Saturated Ministry

Institut Biblique de Genève | Geneva, Switzerland

A Call for Courage

ACT 3 Reformation Conference | Wheaton, Illinois

2015 Conference for Pastors

Where Sin Increased: The Rebellion of Man and the Abundance of Grace

2014 National Conference

Look at the Book: Reading the Bible for Yourself

2014 Conference for Pastors

The Pastors, the Vine, and the Branches: The Remarkable Reality of Union with Christ

2013 National Conference

The Romantic Rationalist: God, Life, and Imagination in the Work of C.S. Lewis

2013 Conference for Pastors

Brothers, We Are Still Not Professionals: Reclaiming the Centrality of the Supernatural in Ministry

2012 Works of God Conference

God's Good Design in Disability

2012 National Conference

Act the Miracle: God's Work and Ours in the Mystery of Sanctification

2012 Conference for Pastors

God, Manhood & Ministry: Building Men for the Body of Christ

2011 Regional Conference

Desiring God

2011 National Conference

Finish the Mission: For the Joy of All Peoples

2011 Conference for Pastors

The Powerful Life of the Praying Pastor

2010 Regional Conference

What Jesus Demands from The World

2010 National Conference

Think: The Life of the Mind & the Love of God

2010 Conference for Pastors

The Pastor, the People, and the Pursuit of Joy

2009 National Conference

With Calvin in the Theater of God

2009 Conference for Pastors

Commending Christ

2008 Regional Conference

Don't Waste Your Life

2008 Regional Conference

Job: When the Righteous Suffer

2008 National Conference

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God

2008 Conference for Pastors

The Pastor as Father & Son

2007 Regional Conference

The Pleasures of God

2007 Regional Conference

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

2007 National Conference

Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints

2007 Conference for Pastors

The Holiness of God

2006 Regional Conference

God Is the Gospel

2006 National Conference

The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World

2006 Conference for Pastors

How Must a Pastor Die? The Cost of Caring Like Jesus

2005 Regional Conference

When I Don't Desire God

2005 National Conference

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

2005 Conference for Pastors

"This Is My Beloved Son!" Exulting in the Trinitarian Relationships of Jesus Christ

2004 National Conference

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

2004 Conference for Pastors

Money, Ministry, and the Magnificence of Christ

2003 National Conference

A God-Entranced Vision of All Things

2003 Conference for Pastors

Good Fences, Bad Fences, and the Glory of Christ

2002 Conference for Pastors

The Sovereignty of God and the 'Soul Dynamic'

2001 Conference for Pastors

God, Psychology, and Christian Care of the Soul

2000 Conference for Pastors

Courage in Christian Ministry

1999 Conference for Pastors

Preaching Today: The (Almost) Forgotten Task

1998 Conference for Pastors

The Gospel In Contemporary Culture

1997 Conference for Pastors

Triumphantly Encouraged: The Privilege of Ministry

1996 Conference for Pastors

The Pastor and His Study

1995 Conference for Pastors

The Primacy of Expository Preaching

1994 Conference for Pastors

Sanctification By Faith Alone

1993 Conference for Pastors

CEO? Shrink? Or Man of God?

1992 Conference for Pastors

God, Congregation, and Codependency

1991 Conference for Pastors

Spiritual Gifts and the Sovereignty of God

1990 Conference for Pastors

Universalism and the Reality of Eternal Punishment

1989 Conference for Pastors

The Achievement of the Cross

1988 Conference for Pastors

By Grace Through Faith