Sermons on John 6

The All-Providing King Who Would Not Be King

John 6:1-15

by John Piper

Look beyond the bread God provides to the Bread of Life.

Twelve Baskets of Bread and the Walk on Water

John 6:16-29

by John Piper

Jesus’ presence brings the kind of fullness that produces generosity and risk-taking in his church.

Do Not Labor for the Food That Perishes

John 6:22-29

by John Piper

When Jesus is our highest Treasure something about everything changes.

Do Not Labor for the Food Which Perishes

John 6:27

by John Piper

Labor to feast on Jesus. Satisfy yourself with his beauty and his hope-filled fellowship.

Behold, Believe, Be Raised

John 6:27-40

by John Piper

Jesus and all that God is for us in him is what we hunger and thirst for, and saving faith is being satisfied in him.

Skeptical Grumbling and Sovereign Grace

John 6:41-51

by John Piper

What does it mean that no one can come to Jesus unless the father draws them?

They Will All Be Taught of God

John 6:41-51

by John Piper

To know God, we need to be taught by him who Jesus is.

It Is the Spirit That Gives Life

John 6:52-71

by John Piper

As once-adoring followers disappear, Jesus' message becomes clearer and clearer: Their resistance itself is in God's hands.

You Have the Words of Eternal Life

John 6:60-71

by John Piper

Though numerous questions remain, we know there's no one like Jesus and no words of eternal life like the words he spoke.