Sermons on Romans 8

The Liberating Law of the Spirit of Life

Romans 8:1-2

by John Piper

The death of Christ does not turn away the wrath of God from all people. In order to benefit from the work that God has done outside of us, we must now experience the work that he does within us by the Holy Spirit. What is this work and how is it related to the gift of justification?

No Condemnation in Christ Jesus, Part 2

Romans 8:1-4

by John Piper

If you are in Christ, all of God's action toward you is almighty mercy and omnipotent assistance.

The Life of God in the Soul of Man

Romans 8:1-7

by John Piper

God lives in the soul of man by the indwelling of his Spirit.

How Believers Experienced the Spirit Before Pentecost

Romans 8:1-8

by John Piper

We need to know the experiences of Old Testament saints in order to understand the immensity of our privilege in these last days.

What We See When the Spirit Reigns: Love

Romans 8:3-4

by John Piper

If we are unmerciful, unforgiving people, if we hold grudges or cherish resentments or plan revenge, then what we are saying in effect to God is, "This is the way I prefer life to be." And so he will give us what we have preferred at the day of judgment; no mercy, no forgiveness, but only vengeance. If Christ has not changed us (and I don't mean perfection, but only significant change), then probably we have never known him.