8 Sermons: Hallowed be Thy Name: Eight Sermons on the Names of God

“I Am Who I Am”

Exodus 3:13-15

by John Piper

Contained in the name Yahweh is the first and most important truth about God: he exists.

I Will Be Gracious to Whom I Will Be Gracious

Exodus 33:12-19

by John Piper

When I choose God, it is because he has first chosen me. My will is not sovereign and self-determining. God's is.

My Name Is God Almighty

Exodus 5:22 - 6:8

by John Piper

The omnipotence of God means reverence, recompense, and refuge, for his covenant people.

The Lord, a God Merciful and Gracious

Exodus 34:1-10

by John Piper

God's self-sufficiency and sovereign freedom are the very sources from which his mighty mercy overflows.

I Am Alpha and Omega

Revelation 21:1-8

by John Piper

At the end of every road is God. You will meet him as light and life or as fire and torment.

The Lofty One Whose Name Is Holy

Isaiah 57:14-21

by John Piper

The lofty One whose name is Holy dwells with crushed and humble saints.

The Lord Whose Name Is Jealous

Exodus 34:10-16

by John Piper

God responds with terrible wrath against those whose hearts should belong to him but go after other things.

Hallowed Be Thy Name: In All the Earth

Missions Week

Matthew 6:5-15

by John Piper

In the Lord's prayer, Jesus teaches that the first priority in praying is to ask that our heavenly Father's name be hallowed.