5 Sermons: Job: Five Sermons on Suffering

Job: Reverent in Suffering

Job 1:1 - 2:10

by John Piper

Job's worship was remarkable because it came in the midst of great suffering.

Job: Wrestling with Suffering

Job 2:11 - 31:40

by John Piper

Why did God prolong Job's suffering? Didn't his initial reaction prove his faith?

Job: Rebuked in Suffering

Job 32:1 - 37:24

by John Piper

The suffering of the righteous is not a token of God's enmity but of his love. It is not a punishment of their sins but a refinement of their righteousness.

Job: The Revelation of God in Suffering

Job 38:1 - 42:6

by John Piper

It is presumptuous to assume you can counsel God about how to run a more just world.

Job: Reversal in Suffering

Job 42:7-17

by John Piper

What God is after in all his dealings with his children is a brokenhearted joy that trusts like a little child in God and returns good for evil.