6 Sermons: Quest for Joy

The Joyful Purpose of God

Isaiah 43:1-7

by John Piper

No matter what part of your Christian commitment you focus on, the Bible leads you from that focus to the urgency of evangelism.

The Joyful Duty of Man

1 Corinthians 10:31

by John Piper

In sharing the truth of Christianity, Truth #1 is that God created us for HIS glory. Truth #2 is that this is, therefore, the duty of every man and woman and child—to live for the glory of God. And the wonderful thing is that this duty is not a burden. It is freedom and joy.

Joy Exchanged and Joy Forfeited

1 Corinthians 2:14

by John Piper

We have exchanged our joy for the dead-end street of judgment.

Joy Purchased

Romans 5:6-8

by John Piper

The death of Jesus Christ is the only way that any of us can escape the righteous wrath of God and find peace with God.

Joy Recovered

Acts 3:19 and Acts 16:31

by John Piper

How do you become a Christian? How does the ransom Jesus paid become a ransom for me?

Irrevocable Joy

Easter Sunday

John 16:22

by John Piper

Jesus offers irrevocable joy. It cannot be destroyed. It cannot be lost.