7 Sermons: Spectacular Sins and Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ

All Things Were Created Through Him and for Him

Colossians 1:9-20

by John Piper

In the end, even sin serves to glorify Christ and increase the gladness of his people in him.

The Fatal Disobedience of Adam and the Triumphant Obedience of Christ

Romans 5:12-21

by John Piper

We are sinful by nature because of our father, Adam, but we can claim the righteousness of our Savior, Jesus.

The Pride of Babel and the Praise of Christ

Genesis 11:1-9

by John Piper

God planned the sin at the tower of Babel for the praise of Jesus.

The Sale of Joseph and the Son of God

Genesis 37

by John Piper

The sins committed against Joseph made Christ's coming possible.

The Sinful Origin of the Son of David

1 Samuel 12

by John Piper

God exalted Christ's kingship by having him retake what men could not handle--the throne of Israel.

Judas Iscariot, the Suicide of Satan, and the Salvation of the World

Luke 22:1-6

by John Piper

Every detail of the death of Christ happened according to the plan of God, even his betrayal and excessive agonies.