12 Sermons: The Pleasures of God

The Pleasure of God in His Son

Matthew 17:5

by John Piper

The first and most fundamental thing we can say about the pleasures of God is that he takes pleasure in his Son.

The Pleasure of God in All That He Does

Psalm 135:6

by John Piper

God is never constrained to do a thing that he despises. He does whatever he wants.

The Pleasure of God in His Creation

Psalm 104:31

by John Piper

God rejoices in his works because his works are an expression of his glory.

The Pleasure of God in His Name

1 Samuel 12:22

by John Piper

God's first love is his name and not his people. And because it is, there is hope for his sinful people.

The Pleasure of God in Election

Deuteronomy 10:14-15

by John Piper

God takes pleasure in election because it magnifies his name.

The Pleasure of God in the Good of His People

Zephaniah 3:17

by John Piper

God does not do you good out of some constraint or coercion. He is free! And in his freedom he overflows in joy to do you good.

The Pleasure of God in Bruising the Son

Isaiah 53:10

by John Piper

God's pleasure in his name and his pleasure in doing good to sinners meet and marry in his pleasure in bruising his Son.

The Pleasure of God in Those Who Hope in His Love

Psalm 147:10-11

by John Piper

God delights in those responses which mirror his magnificence.

The Pleasure of God in the Prayers of the Upright

Proverbs 15:8

by John Piper

Prayer is that wonderful transaction where the wealth of God's glory is magnified and the wants of our soul are satisfied.

The Pleasure of God in Obedience

1 Samuel 15:22-23

by John Piper

Obedience to God makes our God-glorifying hope visible and proves that it is real in our lives.

The Pleasure of God in Public Justice

Proverbs 11:1

by John Piper

Having just and honest dealings in the world displays our confidence that God always cares and provides for his children.

It Is Your Father's Pleasure to Give You the Kingdom

Palm Sunday

Luke 12:32

by John Piper

God's joy, his desire, his want and wish and hope and pleasure and gladness and delight is to give the kingdom to his flock.