Sermons on Abortion

Born Blind for the Glory of God

Eugenics by Abortion Is an Abomination to God

(Sanctity of Life Sunday)

John 9:1-7

by John Piper

All children, of every degree of ability, are conceived for the purpose of displaying the glory of God.

The Baby in My Womb Leaped for Joy

Luke 1:24-45

by John Piper

How the Bible looks at a human being in the womb.

Abortion: The Innocent Blood of Our Sons and Daughters

Psalms 106:32-48

by John Piper

How is abortion similar to the child-sacrificing in the Old Testament?

When Is Abortion Racism?

Ephesians 5:16-17

by John Piper

What does it mean that minority abortions are double those of whites?

Love Your Unborn Neighbor

Luke 10:25-37

by John Piper

What Is Man?

Reflections on Abortion and Racial Reconciliation

Psalms 8

by John Piper

You cannot worship and glorify the majesty of God while treating his supreme creation with contempt.

Exposing the Dark Work of Abortion

Sanctity of Life Sunday

Ephesians 5:11

by John Piper

How can Christians serve as the conscience of our culture?

Abortion: You Desire and Do Not Have, So You Kill

Sanctity of Life Sunday

James 4:2

by John Piper

Fight the social stupor that gripped Nazi Germany and imagine what is really happening behind clinic doors.