Sermons on The Glory of God


Exodus 3:13-15

by John Piper

Is God for Us or for Himself?

by John Piper

God is the one Being in all the universe for whom seeking his own praise is the ultimately loving act. For him self-exaltation is the highest virtue.

One God and One Salvation for All the Nations

Romans 3:29-30

by John Piper

God is one, and everyone he justifies is justified in the same way. Therefore he is God not only over the Jews but over all peoples.

The Pleasure of God in His Name

1 Samuel 12:22

by John Piper

God's first love is his name and not his people. And because it is, there is hope for his sinful people.

The Peculiar Mark of Majesty, Part 1

Palm Sunday

Psalm 8

by John Piper

The glory of God is unique because of the lowly ways he chooses to show it.

To Him Be Glory Forevermore

Romans 16:25-27

by John Piper

What is God's glory, and what is its role throughout the book of Romans?

My Name Is God Almighty

Exodus 5:22 - 6:8

by John Piper

The omnipotence of God means reverence, recompense, and refuge, for his covenant people.

The Lord Is Great and Does Wondrous Things

(Immanuel Baptist)

Psalm 86:8-10

by John Piper

God is more powerful than all the gods and he is more powerful than all the nations. On God's side you cannot lose.

Honor Thy Majestic Father

Malachi 1:6-14

by John Piper

Those who know God as Father should honor their majestic Father.

Hallowed Be Thy Name: In All the Earth

Missions Week

Matthew 6:5-15

by John Piper

In the Lord's prayer, Jesus teaches that the first priority in praying is to ask that our heavenly Father's name be hallowed.

I Am Alpha and Omega

Revelation 21:1-8

by John Piper

At the end of every road is God. You will meet him as light and life or as fire and torment.

All Things Are from God, Through God, and to God. The Glory Is All His

Romans 11:33-36

by John Piper

Do you love the thought that you exist to make God look good?

The Lord Whose Name Is Jealous

Exodus 34:10-16

by John Piper

God responds with terrible wrath against those whose hearts should belong to him but go after other things.

“I Am Who I Am”

Exodus 3:13-15

by John Piper

Contained in the name Yahweh is the first and most important truth about God: he exists.

Call Me Husband, Not Baal

Hosea 4:1 - 14:9

by John Piper

The point of Hosea is that God exalts his mercy by not giving up on his promiscuous wife.