A Letter to My Husband, Jon Bloom

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Guest Contributor

July 16 marked 15 years since you started as John Piper’s assistant and soon started Desiring God and became the Executive Director. (People wondered what you would do with that anthropology major!)

As your wife I’ve been watching, admiring, and learning from you through this adventure of faith. And today I want to publicly celebrate God’s grace in your life and honor you, my dearest earthly love.

A passion for God has characterized you since before we met (me at 15, you at 17). That’s what I found so attractive and still do. You not only talk about abiding in Christ, you do abide in him and his Word abides in you.

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. (John 15:5)

I’ve watched you dream big and watched God do more than you expected. The fruit of abiding in Christ is evident. You are a joyful and grateful man. And your joy and gratitude grows as you draw near and celebrate the cross of Christ. You are a Christian Hedonist!

Thanks for wonderfully leading our home. You patiently help me grow in my faith. You bear with me and gently correct my selfishness. I admit I’ve not always been so joyful when ministry calls you away from home.

During busy seasons and long hours you model kingdom values, happily work hard in the strength God supplies, and lovingly shepherd me. God uses the demands of our roles to sanctify my heart and the trials to strengthen my faith.

By God’s grace, I truly love my role and am now your happy helpmate. And our kids increasingly share the vision and support you as well. What a blessing to have such a godly man to lead us! I love this sweet union…of now 20 years!

Jon, I appreciate your joyful submission to your employer, John Piper. You carefully take John’s biblical convictions and values and embody them personally. Then with sensitivity to God’s lead, you take his teachings and distinctives and shape a ministry that creatively spreads a passion for supremacy of Christ.

The way you submit to John as your boss inspires me to submit to you. You learn what is important to John and look for ways, consistent with his wishes, to serve him. You seek to improve your skills to bear the most fruit and glorify God. I want to do that, so our home reflects biblical values and honors your unique preferences. I’m learning to better manage our home so your joy and fruitfulness are maximized.

I marvel at God’s answers to prayer and abundant provision for DG. In face of big decisions, personal and spiritual crisis, financial shortfalls, staff needs, growing pains, building projects, and more, I’ve watched you respond with prayerful dependence, preaching the gospel to yourself.

You don’t lean on your own understanding or even the conventional wisdom of proven business models. You obediently take “risky” steps of faith that may look foolish (the whatever-you-can-afford policy and free audio downloads).

When it is budget-forecasting time and the numbers don’t add up, you don’t shrink back. You do the next thing in faith, knowing God is at work. Your example and God’s provision at DG repeatedly encourage me when life and homeschooling are hard. Like Eliana’s name reminds us “our God answers.”

What more can I say? Time would fail me to tell of…

…your humility.

You are quick to admit your sin, weakness, and the fact that DG is not dependent on you. You are not impressed with notoriety.

…your pastor-like care and wise counsel.

You often lay aside mounting tasks to care for co-workers and family.

…your letter-writing.

It is full of the Word, wisdom, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

…your worship leading.

You do not only lead from behind the guitar or piano but with your life.

…your sense of humor.

You laugh loud and freely. No one makes me laugh like you!

Your godliness and life bring great joy to me! I praise God for these 15 years and am eager to see what God will do through you in the years to come.

I love you,


is the wife of Jon Bloom, board chair and co-founder of Desiring God.