Ask Pastor John Podcast Relaunch

A week ago, John Piper celebrated his 67th birthday. On his birthday, we asked him about his prayer for this new chapter of ministry.

“I really do feel remarkably vulnerable to distraction because of the lifting of certain pressures,” he says. “Deadlines are wonderfully productive. And pressure, while we hate it, really does help [our productivity].”

Pastor John shares his goals (and his fears) as he moves into a new chapter of ministry in the first episode of our newly relaunched Ask Pastor John podcast (APJ).

APJ Is Back

The point of the podcast is to connect more frequently with Pastor John throughout the week and hear his thoughts on the Bible, theology, ministry, and leadership, as well as his answers to theological questions and reactions to current events.

We’re hoping to release 4–8 minute conversations at least 5 times per week via the DG Facebook and Twitter feeds. Soon these episodes will be syndicated through iTunes and archived on the DG website resource page. Stay tuned for the iTunes subscription details.

Submit a Question

We want to hear from you. To submit a question for the podcast, please include your first name and hometown and write your question and email it to us (AskPastorJohn AT desiringGod DOT org).

And finally, here are the links. This past week we released episodes 1–7 of the podcast. Enjoy!