Christian Leadership: An Interview with Dr. Albert Mohler

In the new episode of the Authors on the Line podcast, we put Dr. Albert Mohler on the line to discuss Christian leadership in the secular world and to talk about his new book, The Conviction to Lead: 25 Principles for Leadership that Matters (Bethany House, 2012).

I asked him to address ten specific topics, and all of them are listed below.

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Christians Leading in the Secular World: An Interview with Dr. Albert Mohler (21 minutes)

  • It has been alleged by some that the modern church has failed to equip businesspeople for day-to-day decision making. Is that true?
  • In your book you say leadership is storytelling. Explain that.
  • How does a Christian leader who understands the redemptive storyline — creation, fall, redemption, re-creation — then understand what he does on Monday in relationship to that grand metanarrative?
  • You write that every company should have a sub-narrative to explain why their services or products matter. But some don't — or at least it’s not obvious. How would you counsel a businessman in a corporation that — to be honest — seems to have no compelling story to protect?
  • In what ways are Christian businessmen that you know leading well?
  • How important is it that the Christian leader in the secular world keep the final judgment in view?
  • Leadership requires authority and power, and these are loaded terms today. How does a leader lead, knowing that the folks he may be leading are suspicious of him merely because he is leading?
  • Leaders need conviction and that means they need some level of self-confidence (for lack of a better word). How would you articulate this?
  • What has most surprised you about the leadership possibilities of blogging?
  • Expand further on the idea that leadership is bound up with a skillful use of language.

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