Audio Transcript

Hello, APJ listeners. Thanks for spending so much time with Pastor John and me over the years. We’re honored to be along on this ride of what God has done — and continues to do — through the podcast. It’s bigger than us.

It’s just me today, with an update for you about a few new programming changes to be aware of. And the first change is an announcement — an exciting one for us here at because we are now offering a brand-new John Piper sermon podcast. It launched in mid-April. Maybe you heard about it. It’s called Light + Truth. Be sure to subscribe to the new podcast feed to enjoy sermons from Pastor John’s pulpit ministry — classic sermons and new sermons, five days a week, all curated in a new podcast hosted by Dan Cruver. It’ll be a great addition to your podcast feed.

And with the addition of the new podcast come two changes to Ask Pastor John. The first is that we’re going to bring sermon-clip-curation Wednesdays to an end. That was a lot of fun, and you all sent me a ton of great clips over the years. Thank you for sharing those clips with us and sharing your memories too. Many of us have stories about unforgettable moments in life when a sermon from Pastor John met us in a moment of need. But sermon-clip Wednesdays will end in May. Instead of sermon clips, those of you who want to listen to curated John Piper sermons can subscribe to the new Light + Truth podcast.

And that brings me to change two. In removing the Wednesday slot, APJ is moving to two times per week. We will be publishing two episodes per week, now on Mondays and Thursdays. For a number of years now, we’ve been publishing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Now we’re going to publish new APJs on Mondays and Thursdays. That change begins in June. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Thank you for listening in, supporting us, and sending in your questions. Keep those coming, which you are — we have no shortage of questions ahead of us. In fact, we already have May and June and all of July, and much of August, now scheduled out with themes. It’s as busy as ever. And Pastor John continues to love investing his time in APJ. In fact, we were recently looking over his schedule for the next year ahead and his ministry commitments, and he said, “APJ remains a deeply satisfying investment of effort. And it’s probably the hardest thing I do.” Ha! Yes — not easy work, but deeply satisfying work. Amen. And I love working on this podcast, and we have much work ahead of us in this second decade of the podcast.

So those are the updates. Subscribe to Light + Truth today. And APJ moves to Mondays and Thursdays in June.

I’m your host, Tony Reinke. Thanks for listening to the Ask Pastor John podcast. We’ll see you soon.