Hospitality on Mission

Rosaria Champagne Butterfield shared her unlikely conversion story with us on the previous Authors on the Line podcast. We might have expected a Pauline conversion experience — perhaps a flash of light or an audible voice from heaven — but nothing of the sort happened. Rather, her conversion came through a series of ordinary means: a caring pastor in the area, a Bible, a copy of Calvin’s Institutes, and simple hospitality.

In this episode, we explore the role hospitality played in her conversion, and why she’s now challenging Christians to rethink the missional potential of our living rooms and dining rooms.

“It does not matter that there’s cat hair on the couch,” she says in the interview. “It does not matter that all you can serve right now is macaroni and cheese or cereal. It absolutely does not matter.” Why not? Because these small details fade to insignificance compared to the tremendous potential of hospitality on mission.

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Hospitality on Mission: An Interview with Rosaria Champagne Butterfield (17 Minutes)