Pray for Jerry Bridges

Today Jerry Bridges (82) underwent a scheduled heart surgery in Colorado Springs.

He explained the procedure in an email last month. "I am scheduled to have heart surgery on April 12 to repair or replace the Mitral Valve. Ordinarily, this would be a fairly routine surgery involving a minimal invasive procedure on the right side. However, a CAT scan revealed a deformity in my breast bone that will prevent this procedure. The surgeon will have to open the breast bone to get access to the heart. Fortunately, no artery bypasses are needed."

A few days ago he followed with another email, saying, "The nurse warned me not to expect my hospital time to be a vacation. . . . This surgery and recovery is going to be a lot of work." Then he added two requests. "For prayer, first of all, of course, is a successful surgery without any complications. Then, that I would be diligent to do what I need to do during the recovery process."

Just a moment ago we received an update from Bridges’s daughter (5:00 EDT):

We are rejoicing that Dad’s surgery has been successful! Two valves were repaired – the mitral valve and the tricuspid valve and all went well. He is in ICU and will be here for the next 24 hours to ensure there is no leakage and that the heart patterns return to normal. Please continue to pray that he would remain stable.

Please take a moment to pray for our friend Jerry Bridges and his family.