When Easter Joy Turns to Monday Gloom

Coming out of holy week in 1981, Pastor John addressed the realities of the Monday blues that so often follow on the heels of the Easter Sunday joys. He said this in his sermon, "The Sifting of Simon Peter” (Luke 22:31–34):

The word of encouragement and consolation and hope that I want to offer you today from God’s Word is that, if you love God and are called according to his purpose, if you are despairing of your own resources and looking to Christ for hope, then to you belongs a most wonderful promise: Jesus prays for you, and he will never let Satan destroy your faith and bring you to ruin.

Do you know why we need a message of hope and encouragement the Sunday after Easter? It’s because our worst spiritual and emotional collapses often follow in the wake of our happiest, most victorious experiences.

Maundy Thursday was rich and holy. Good Friday was sober but sweet (“Today you will be with me in Paradise”). Easter morning was glorious (“Begotten anew to a living hope through the resurrection”). Easter evening was moving (“No Greater Love”).

But then came Monday morning. And I know personally of three of our people whose burdens have brought them to tears this week. It’s almost like a law of nature with me. I’ve gone home at night and said to Noël, “Well, tomorrow is going to be real hard to bear.” And she says, “How do you know that?” And I say, “Because today was so great.”

To hear why the resurrection hope of Christ that arrived on Sunday is hope-giving for our Monday morning trials, read or listen to the entire message.