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God, Technology, and the Christian Life


What does God think about technology?

Many Christians remain perplexed about modern technology. New iPhones and social media platforms, self-driving cars, and genetic engineering all prove that human innovation is not slowing down for anyone. But as technologies multiply and life in this age becomes more complex, the questions become more stark: What does God think of human technology? Is he threatened by all its power? Is he trying to dismantle Silicon Valley?

In his latest book, journalist Tony Reinke addresses these and other hard questions head-on from the Bible. By turning to 9 key passages and engaging with several theologians and thinkers, Reinke seeks to dismantle 12 common myths Christians often hold about technology, helping them understand the story of where human innovation came from and to embrace the church’s essential role in it.


  • From John Calvin to Wendell Berry and Elon Musk. From world-changing fertilizer to medical innovations and space travel. From the Tower of Babel to the new Jerusalem. From technology as savior to the sovereignty of God. From the boasts of Silicon Valley to the blood of Jesus. Tony Reinke’s book God, Technology, and the Christian Life is panoramic and penetrating. I doubt there has ever been a more sweeping treatment of technology so firmly tethered to Scripture—and therefore so realistic and hopeful. Writing as a ‘tech optimist’ who trusts in God’s providential orchestration over all things, Reinke offers us an expansive and compelling ‘biblical theology of technology.’ God’s glory is the end of creation and the aim of all innovations. Apart from Christ there is no art, no science, no technology, no agriculture, no microprocessor, and no medical innovation. If God is the center of our life, technology is a great gift. If technology is our savior, we are lost. This is a mind-expanding, heart-stabilizing, God-glorifying, joy-sustaining book. John Piper, Founder & Teacher,
  • Tony Reinke has written a must-read for any Christian seeking to understand God’s view of technology. God, Technology, and the Christian Life masterfully fuses together scriptural commentary, historical wisdom, and practical application to give a rich, Christian worldview of technology. A more positive view of human innovation and innovators is a breath of fresh air in a cultural moment when technology is viewed more as a harm than a help to many Christians. I will be recommending this to our FaithTech community worldwide. James Kelly, Founder and CEO, FaithTech
  • Reinke not only addresses a wide range of issues in technology and culture; he also brings fresh insights into often overlooked passages of Scripture. He offers an approach to technology that is ethical without being moralistic, careful without being restrictive, and positive without being naive. John Dyer, Dean and Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • As both a pastor and an engineer, I continually find the need to interpret the marvels of the twenty-first century in light of Scripture. To that end, this book has been a great blessing. Tony Reinke has crafted an enlightening, balanced, and thoroughly engaging biblical theology of technology. This work is profoundly practical. All Christians should consider it, whether they live inside a major tech center or not. Conley Owens, Pastor, Silicon Valley Reformed Baptist Church; Senior Engineer, Google
  • Tony has given us a rich suite of resources for the believer who wishes to make sense of technology’s increased role in society and in our individual lives. This is not a fear-based, hasty string of reactionary warnings, but a careful look at the complex, intimate, and unavoidable relationship between technology and theology. We are ably guided through a detailed, God-centered tour of the history of technology, from Babel to Bumble, using theologians, inventors, and philosophers. Take advantage of this excellent work. Jared Oliphint, Philosophy Department, Texas A&M University
  • God, Technology, and the Christian Life is a dangerous read for the serious-minded believer. Here Reinke unearths the source of all technology from the very pages of Scripture, forcing the Christian to view this evolving fixture of the modern world through the curative lens of a sovereign God and the unfading hope of the gospel. Whether cynical or exhilarated by the breakneck speed of innovation in the twenty-first century, this book will challenge how we all see and interact with our ever-changing world. Jeremy Patenaude, Pastor, Risen Hope Church, Seattle; writer, Microsoft
  • The story of God’s glory is still unfolding inside the zeitgeist of the technium. Whether talking about developers inventing new apps in a data center, automated manufacturing robots churning out electric cars, or the eager consumers of these new products and services, this book reminds us that human technology serves God’s final purpose for his creation. In this captivating book, Tony offers an optimistic theology of technology that will inspire us to worship the Creator of our most powerful inventors, and—astonishingly so—help us live cautiously and faithfully inside our technological cities. To do it, he demystifies concepts created by well-intentioned Christians over the decades who have made it hard to see that science and technology exist by God, through God, and for God. His glory is reflected in ammonia, lithium, nuclear fission, and in advances to come in nuclear fusion and space travel. God, Technology, and the Christian Life is essential reading for pastors, church leaders, and every Christian who lives and works inside the technological cities of man. A wake-up call for us to anticipate Christ’s return and the arrival of a new city—a better city—designed and built by God himself. Jose Luis Cuevas, pastor; missionary; Director of Project Management, Office for VMware Inc., Latin America
  • Given the acceleration of automation in every aspect of our lives, we all need to reflect deeply on our technology history and future roadmap. In God, Technology, and the Christian Life, Tony Reinke has developed a gospel-centered analysis of our technology-driven culture that is beneficial for both Christians and non-Christians alike. Bernie Mills, Vice President, VMware Inc.; Board Member, Joni and Friends