Gospel Power Panel Discussion

Piper, Storms, Chan, Meyer & Núñez

0:24Can you give any practical guidance to the spiritual gifts such as tongues, miracles, and prophecy?

4:43Should we pray that we can have certain gifts of the Spirit?

7:20Francis Chan and panelists pray for healing.

12:43How should we think about praying for healing?

18:27How do you shepherd someone you are praying for to feel hope in God without being presumptuous, but still being expectant?

34:47How should we have discernment about the gifts and declaration of gifts?

40:04How do we make our churches a place where its people, especially women who are victims of sexual abuse, feel protected, safe, and heard?

45:46How are male leaders in the church supposed to relate to women in the church?

48:05How do male leaders in the church act wisely in relating to women without making them feel like they are a threat?

53:36What encouragement would you give to those who feel they do not measure up to the successful ministries of prominent speakers and pastors?

59:15How should we act when God makes promises?