Is the Bible Silent on the Issue of Abortion?

Many argue today that the Bible is silent on abortion, and therefore we should be too. Why do you feel so compelled to address this topic?

I don't think the Bible is silent on the personhood of the unborn. I think there are enough texts to infer that these little ones--before they are born and breathe--are regarded by God as creatures made in his image. They are therefore persons who, in our own country, ought to be protected by the 14th Amendment which gives to all persons life, liberty, and protection.

I feel compelled to address this topic, therefore, because it is my conviction that the Bible not only teaches but assumes throughout that little ones in the womb ought to be regarded as legitimate persons.

Secondly, I would add that science and the photographs that we have of the unborn take all of the relevant distinctions between the unborn and the born and remove them!

Take, for example, a little one-month old baby and a little preemie in the womb: there are no morally relevant differences between them for how they should be treated. Therefore the fact that we protect one with the law but not the other is just appalling to me.

Therefore I find the issue of abortion to be huge, biblically, experientially, and scientifically. I can't bring myself to lay it down as irrelevant or something we should be silent about.