Panel Discussion

Desiring God 2007 Conference for Pastors

The Holiness of God

Questions (These can only pique your interest. You'll have to listen for the answers.):

What comfort can be offered to a pastor who does not find the sovereignty of God sweet, but wants to?

Are there any major doctrinal beliefs that you have been convinced to change since being in the ministry?

To Anyabwile: What did you mean when you said that we are justified by faith alone but not sanctified by faith alone?

To Piper: What did the Spurgeon quote you used about children trusting God before loving him mean? (This quote is from Letters to My Students, chapter 23, "On Conversion as Our Aim.")

What is your counsel to pastors who feel guilty about staying in the west when so few are following the call to the nations?

To Mackenzie: What is your opinion of modern technologies for use in spreading? Is the printed page uniquely effective?

To Piper: How should we understand the destiny of infants or those with severe mental handicap? What is your counsel for those who have lost a loved one like this?

To Anyabwile: What is your advice for those who go beyond what is written in their pursuit of personal holiness?

To Piper: What language should be used when indiscriminately preaching the gospel?

Does the rise of gospel-centered preaching and writing nowadays give you the sense that there may be another awakening in the offing?