What Have You Done to Teach Your Children the Importance of Giving Tithes and Offerings?

What did you do in your home when you were raising your kids to teach them the importance of giving tithes and offerings?

Well, I'm still raising a kid. So we can talk about the present as well as the past.

We began to give to our children allowances. How early? I can't remember how early. Very early ... at 3 or 4, maybe.

As soon as they knew what money was, and as soon as they could have an envelope, etc., we gave them allowances—$1, $2, or $3 a week.

And the point was simply to begin to teach them what money was and how to use it.

We divided out three envelopes for each of them:

  1. Long-term use
  2. Short-term use
  3. God (or church)

The long-term use was to teach them that you need to plan for college and a car, and things like that. The short-term was for gum you'd like to buy, or candy, or a shirt. And you could save up for that and when you get enough money it's yours. It's not sin. You could buy what you want.

And the third was, off the top, at least 10%. And more if you want.

Interestingly, our kids were pretty lavish towards the church, because all of their needs were met by us. So they were real generous givers.

So that is the way we did it. And as they get older, of course, you begin to figure out that allowance. When they're going to buy their own clothes, then you give them a lot of allowance. Or if you buy their clothes, then the allowance becomes more symbolic or not.

Then you may start paying them for things. You cut the grass and get $5 or whatever.

So that would be the main thing: intentionally teach the children the bigger picture about money. This is God's money. God should get the first fruits from it. And then the rest you spend for his glory.

All of it is God's. All of it is God's. And these expenditures here should please him and be for his glory.