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God calls every generation of Christians to see to it that the next generation hears about his mighty acts. God does not drop a new truth from heaven on every generation but intends that the older generation will teach the newer generation to read and think and trust and obey and rejoice.

The Goal of Parenting: Eternity in the Everyday

God’s ordinary way of shaping children into radically committed, risk-taking, countercultural, wise, thinking, loving, mature, world Christians is through parents who teach and model a God-centered, Bible-saturated worldview to their children.

The High Calling of Fatherhood

The overarching guide for every father should be to live in such a way that his children can see what God the Father is like. Children should see in their human father a reflection — albeit imperfect — of the heavenly Father in his strength and tenderness, in his wrath and mercy, in his exaltation and condescension, in his surpassing wisdom and patient guidance.

The Deep Impact of Motherhood

Motherhood is the transmission of a God-centered, Christ-treasuring vision of life to our children. Mothers have a calling that can become the long-remembered ground of faith, not just for their own children but for the untold numbers who will be affected by them.

Discipline: To Train the Heart

Gracious parenting leads children from external compliance to joyful willingness from the heart. Children must learn to obey before they are able process obedience through Christian faith. When saving faith comes, the obedience which they have learned from fear, reward, and respect becomes the natural expression of their own faith.

Parenting in the Hardest of Times

If you are parenting in the worst of times, or want to get ready for parenting in the worst of times — or simply want hope in the worst of times — look to Jesus and take this posture: brokenness because of our sin and boldness because of Christ.

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