A Strange Evidence of Saving Faith

Philippians 1:7–8

When God saves someone, he not only gives them a new love for himself, but a new love for his people. In this lab, Pastor John tells us how love for Christians is an evidence of true faith.

Principle for Bible Reading


This is one of the richest relationships in the Bible. A ground gives support or a reason for another statement. One way to think of it is that it is the ground upon which another statement is built. A grounding statement is often introduced by the words “for,” “because,” or “since.”

In this lab, the strange evidence for Paul’s confidence in the Philippian’s faith is introduced in the ground of verse 8.

Study Questions

  1. What evidence is there that someone is a Christian?
  2. What reason does Paul give for thinking the Philippians are truly Christ’s followers (Philippians 1:7–8)?
  3. Is this evidence apparent in your life? Why or why not?