Will There Be Slaves in Heaven?

Revelation 22:3–5

Slavery is a great skeleton in the closet of many nations of the world. But doesn’t the Bible say there will be slaves in heaven? In this lab, Pastor John shows us the beauty of redeemed enslavement.

Principle for Bible Reading

Mine Within the Context First

Making connections to other passages enriches Bible study. We need to make connections, but we also need to be careful to import other passages into the one we are studying before we have given the passage itself its proper due.

Cross-reference and do word searches, but let each author speak for himself without making a collage of other passages too quickly.

Study Questions

  1. How does the Bible talk about slavery? Does it condemn it? Condone it?
  2. In Revelation 22:3–5, “servants” literally means “slaves.” So, do you think that the text says that there will be slaves in heaven?
  3. How does the rest of Revelation 22:3–5 tell us that these “slaves” will be joyful?