Christian Hedonism Explained

Philippians 1:20–26

In this lab, Pastor John’s prayer for us is that God would grant us a willingness to live in such a way and die in such a way that Christ looks magnificent.

Principle for Bible Reading

Rephrase for Children

Putting the verse in our own words is a great way to see whether we have clarity as to what we thought the author was communicating. Translating it into language that a child could understand helps clarify our thought as well as gives us practice with sharing God’s word with our children.

Study Questions

  1. What would you miss most if you died today? Do you see death as ultimate loss or gain?
  2. Watch the lab. In it, John Piper gives his paraphrase of Paul as being a Christian Hedonist. Do you see it in the text?
  3. Are you making every effort to be happy in God? How can you seek it this week?