Should I Always Pursue My Own Joy?

Philippians 1:20–26

In this lab, Pastor John reminds us that those who make an impact in this world for Christ are those who labor for fruit and desire to be home with their Lord.

Principle for Bible Reading

Subordinating Relationship

Sentences and paragraphs are filled with different parts (clauses, phrases, etc) connected by words called conjunctions (and, so, because, for, therefore, etc).

A subordinating relationship simply means that one piece of a sentence or paragraph supports the other in some way. The pieces are not on the same plane; one statement holds up the other. The main piece, or main point, is the one being held up by the lower, or subordinating piece.

Study Questions

  1. Do you always pursue your own joy? Is it right to do so?
  2. If Paul thought that dying was better (i.e. he would have more joy), why did he desire to remain on earth (Philippians 1:20–26)?
  3. Watch the lab. Do you have fruitful labor that is increased to your account (Philippians 4:17)? How can you increase it?