Do You Suffer Because of Your Sin?

1 Peter 4:15

The cross defangs the fatal bite of sin — but it can still have devastating consequences. In this lab, Pastor John tells us not to consider ourselves to be martyrs when we suffer for our own sin.

Principle for Bible Reading

Searching in Concentric Circles

When seeking for answers concerning how a biblical author uses a word or phrase in a particular verse, it is often helpful to start by seeking answers in the immediate context and then moving outward. When wrestling with a text, good Bible reading, like a stone dropped in a pond, starts at the word or phrase in question and ripples out to other places in the Bible to get help for understanding. Starting your search in the immediate verse and moving outward is often called searching in concentric circles.

After searching in the immediate verse, it is key to look for the author’s meaning in:

  • The paragraph which contains the verse
  • Then the chapter
  • Then its book as a whole
  • Then other books written by the same author
  • Then the same Testament (New or Old) as a whole
  • Then the whole Bible

Study Questions

  1. Are you presently suffering any consequences of your sin?
  2. Read 1 Peter 2:19–20; 3:16–17; 4:15. How does God think of suffering for just and unjust reasons?
  3. Does knowing how God views just and unjust suffering affect how you seek to do good despite the consequences?