From Humiliation to Supremacy

Philippians 2:9–11

In this lab, John Piper glories in the fact that Jesus ascended from earth to heaven, from lowliness to a throne, from humiliation to exaltation, from a cross to a crown.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Philippians 2:9–11:

  1. If you live a life serving others, what do you expect to get in return? Should you look for rewards, or is that selfish?
  2. What reasons does Paul give for why Jesus was exalted in Philippians 2:3–8? Why might John Piper call this the most important “therefore” in the Bible?
  3. Can we learn anything from Jesus’s humiliation to exaltation? How can you serve this week, trusting that God will one day exalt you?

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Principle for Bible Reading


An inference is a statement that explains what is or should be based on something already said. An inference is like the top floor of a building because it always rests upon other floors, or reasons that have already been given.

Statements that begin with “therefore” are almost always inferences. Because inferences build off of other statements, whenever you see a therefore in the Bible, ask what it is there for (or, what statements it is building upon).