Worthy Is the Lamb Who Was Slain!

Philippians 2:9–11

A day draws near when every knee will bow before Jesus Christ. In this lab, John Piper takes us before the exalted Christ now to bow before him in worship.

Some questions to ask as you read and study Philippians 2:9–11:

  1. This text begins by talking about Christ’s exaltation. What is the highest person that you have ever seen “exalted?”
  2. What is the name that Jesus received that is above all other names? Is it “Jesus” or something else? See Isaiah 45:22–23.
  3. How can the lordship and reign of Christ affect how you live this week? Is there any area of your life that shows that you are not believing this?

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Principle for Bible Reading

The “LORD”

When you see LORD spelled in all caps, it signifies the use of God’s personal name, Yahweh. Revealed in Exodus 3:14 (“I AM”) this name is not a generic title (e.g. king, boss, president) but his personal name (e.g. John, Paul, Peter) given to those in covenant with him.

Here, in Philippians 2:9–11, John Piper argues that God the Father has given Jesus the name that is above all names: LORD. (See also, Acts 2:36 and Romans 14:9.)