Honor Christ in Life or Death

Philippians 1:18–20

In this lab, Pastor John reminds us that the honor of our Master is more important than our dreams, our ambitions, and our very lives.

Principle for Bible Reading


A “ground” is an argument or reason for another statement. One way to remember this is that the ground is the ground upon which another statement is built. The supporting (or grounding) statement comes after the statement it supports. When you come to a grounding statement in the Bible, ask what came before it that it supports.

Philippians 1:19 is a grounding statement. What do you think it gives a reason for?

Study Questions

  1. Is it your earnest desire to honor Christ with your life? How do you go about doing this?
  2. How would Christ be honored in Paul’s body, in life or death (Philippians 1:20)?
  3. How can you share in Paul’s expectation and hope this week?