Saved Through Prayer

Philippians 1:18–20

In this lab, Pastor John wrestles with a difficult passage in Philippians to understand the relationship between prayer and a believer’s salvation.

Principle for Bible Reading

Interpret What Is Unclear by What Is Clear

If you cannot understand a passage, a helpful thing to do is discern what is clear from the passage (and surrounding passages) to see whether it can shed light on what is unclear.

In this lab, Pastor John wrestles with whether “deliverance” in Philippians 1:19 means salvation from jail or hell. To do this, he leans on what is clear in the passage to reason through what Paul meant.

Study Questions

  1. How important is prayer with regards to your salvation?
  2. Do you think the “deliverance” in Philippians 1:19 means being saved from prison or being saved from hell?
  3. Watch the lab. Do you agree with Pastor John’s interpretation? What does this mean for your prayer life this week?