Pray for God to Meet You

Psalm 141:1–4

We learn to pray by reading the prayers in the Bible. This short series will look at David’s prayer in Psalm 141. In the first lab, John Piper asks why we pray for God to come. God is everywhere all the time, so what would it even mean for him to come to you today?

Study Questions

  1. David repeats the phrase “I call” in Psalm 141:1. What might he be trying to communicate to God and to us through these parallel statements?
  2. What does it mean for God to come to David (or to us)? Can you think of other texts in the Bible that use the same language?
  3. How does David’s prayer change or progress in Psalm 141:2? What’s new in the second verse?
Piper: “We should pray that God would manifest his presence to us, that we would experience his nearness and power.”