Pray for God to Guard You

Psalm 141:1–4

Prayer is vital for the fight to be more like Jesus. In this lab, John Piper looks at prayer in the Bible that models the pursuit of purity. All of our effort in the pursuit of purity and holiness rests on the power and favor of God to guard us from evil.

Study Questions

  1. What would God be guarding David’s heart from in Psalm 141:3?
  2. Based on Psalm 141:4 (and any other passages you can think of in the Psalms), how does David understand the relationship between his heart and his deeds?
  3. David prays that God not allow him to enjoy the delicacies of the wicked. Why would he pray that way in this prayer?
Piper: “God, do not allow the temptations of this world to appear more desirable to me than you.”