Pray for God to Satisfy You

Psalm 141:1–4

When we ask God to incline our hearts, can he do it? In this third lab, John Piper asks a couple of hard questions about what we pray when we pray. Are we hypocrites to pray for our mouths and behavior even when our hearts fail? We need God to meet us at every level of our lives.

Study Questions

  1. Why does David pray for his heart and for his mouth? Wouldn’t a changed heart effect the necessary change in his mouth? Why might he still pray for his mouth?
  2. Based on Psalm 141:1–4, who does David believe inclines his heart? What does that mean for our prayers?
  3. Summarize the takeaways for your prayer life from studying David’s prayer in Psalm 141:1–4.
Piper: “God’s sovereignty does not make our prayers worthless, but wise, because he can do all things.”