Six Parts of a Christian Worldview

1 Peter 4:12–19

All thoughts are not created equal, all opinions are not valid, and no worldview matters but God’s. In this lab, Pastor John gives us six parts of a Christian worldview.

Principle for Bible Reading

Do the Commands Relate?

When a paragraph gives a lot of expectations or commands, a helpful question to ask is: Do these commands relate to one another? Sometimes obeying one has a direct effect on obeying the other.

Study Questions

  1. When confronted with a paragraph of the Bible, how do you go about studying it?
  2. Read 1 Peter 4:12–19 and number all of the commands/expectations that Peter gives us. Which of these seems most applicable to you in this season of life?
  3. If a neighbor asked you what your Christian worldview consists of, how would you answer them?