God, Bring Me Back to You

Lamentations 5:21

When our thoughts have been unruly, our hearts hard, our deeds despicable, when we teeter from the devastation of sin and straddle the precipice of hell, cry out to God for mercy. In this lab, Pastor John walks us through a prayer for restoration.

Principle for Bible Reading

Pray Scripture

God gives us the words of men and women throughout history who have poured out their hearts before him. Some were persecuted, suffering, and broken over sin; others were confused, angry, and bereaved. The cries of God’s saints in his Word matches each season of life we find ourselves in. God has given them to us to be nourished by and pray back to him.

Study Questions

  1. If a friend told you they were trapped in sin and considering giving up the faith, how would you counsel them?
  2. How does a prayer like Lamentations 5:21 have to do with the person and work of Christ?
  3. God uses people to bring us back when we begin to fall away (James 5:19–20). Pray and ask God if there is anyone in your life that God desires to bring back to himself, through you.