The Happiest Book in the Bible

Philippians 1:18–20

Pain comes, suffering invades, and tears fall. But in this lab, Pastor John reminds us that the Christian faith is one of inescapable joy.

Principle for Bible Reading

Word Searches

Word searches are important for deep study of the Bible. To conduct one, search for a particular word throughout the Bible to help clarify meaning and make connections to other Scriptures.

A concordance makes these searches easy as they list words and where each is used in the Bible. Beyond this you can usually search Bible apps or online texts for instances of where specific words are found throughout the Bible.

Study Questions

  1. When was the last time you rejoiced? How often do you think Christians should rejoice?
  2. Try a word search (see above) on the word “joy” in Philippians. How many times is it used? What do Paul and the Philippians rejoice in?
  3. Does your joy make the world question what they are missing?