Unconditional Election

Acts 13:48

Unconditional election means that God chose his people without them first meeting any conditions. In this lab, Pastor John shows us why it’s beautiful that God’s choice does not depend on our works, faith, or worth.

Principle for Bible Reading


Most study Bibles have cross-references which point us to other texts that connect to the current text of study. Whether pointing to texts that connect thematically or grammatically, cross-referencing enhances our study when we take the time to look the verses up.

Study Questions

  1. What does unconditional election mean?
  2. Some say that God predestines us based on his knowledge that we would choose him. How does Acts 13:48 contradict this?
  3. Often, we can articulate a certain doctrine and argue for it but fail to be spiritually nourished by the truth of it. Spend some time thinking about how the doctrine of unconditional election can be sweet to our souls.