A Call for the Perseverance of the Saints

2007 National Conference

The following notes were taken during the message.

Just as Jesusendured until his "It is finished," so too we can endure if we keep oureyes on him. We can endure if we accept his loving discipline andendure, without giving up or getting bitter, the hardships that hegives.

It is utterly essential to persevere to the end. To starta race is fine; but it's much more important that we finish, that wehit the tape.

Three biblical "one things" pertain to this:

"One thing I know"(John 9:25). Past tense. It's the gospel. We come to know it atconversion, when we go from a state of blindness to seeing. This is thefoundation of our joy and hope.

"One thing I do"(Philippians 3:13-14). Present tense and active. Our present activity isto tell others about Jesus, with earnestness, and to remain faithful tohim in all that he has called us to do. We must continue daily in this, in order to please him, in choices big andsmall. There's a temptation to slack off, tone down, seek greenerpastures, but we must remain committed. This means that we must bewilling to go down into the valleys. And in our hardships we must trustthat God is accomplishing his greater purposes for us.

"One thing I seek after"(Psalm 27:4). Future orientation. We must make it our priority at alltimes to seek to love him above all things, dwelling and gazing uponhis beauty. Have you let Jesus Christ into your life in a way thatyou are withholding nothing from his influence? Do you treasure yourearly morning hour with him? Do you guard the sanctity of the Sabbath?Do you love him more than the things that keep you from fellowshippingwith his people? Do you long to gaze upon his face in order that youmight be like him?

2 Kings 3. The Lord is calling us to trusthim to fill our valleys with the perfectly-timed waters of his grace.Press on. God is faithful.