Do You Want to Be Happy Forever?

Audio Transcript

Virtually everything I think about, and every sermon I give, and every counseling session I have, and every visitation to the hospital I make, I have one main goal: I want to awaken affections for God and satisfy them with God.

“Take me to the spring. I was born to drink.”

That’s the way I see everything in the world. I don’t mainly think about ideas, though I am an idea guy. Ideas are like cooking — not eating. Ideas are like clearing springs away, digging wells — not drinking. I’m ultimately after drinking, not thinking. Thinking is the workhorse. Take me to the spring. I’m born to drink.

I want to be happy forever. Nothing small. I want big, deep, long, strong, unshakeable joy. And the whole world wants it. They don’t know they’re dribbling their lives away on a thousand things that cannot satisfy.

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