Christian Hedonism

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Joy is not optional. It’s essential.

Christian Hedonism is the conviction that God’s ultimate goal in the world (his glory) and our deepest desire (to be happy) are one and the same, because God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. Not only is God the supreme source of satisfaction for the human soul, but God himself is glorified by our being satisfied in him. Therefore, our pursuit of joy in him is essential.

Christian Hedonism claims that the Christian life should be the pursuit of maximum joy in God — joy both in quality and quantity. Fullness of joy and joy forevermore (Psalm 16:11) are found only in him.

Joy Changes Everything

Learning that God’s glory and our joy are not at odds is a liberating discovery. Christian Hedonism touches, and reshapes, our vision of essentially all of life and ministry — from conversion to worship to the Scriptures to prayer to marriage to missions to suffering, and even the very nature of God himself.

Frequently Asked Questions

John Piper has taught the vision of life and ministry he calls “Christian Hedonism” for more than forty years, and many of the same questions resurface again and again from first-time hearers.


Much is at stake with joy in God. Many have thought about Christianity for so long in terms of duty, rather than delight, that the claims of Christian Hedonism can be tough to swallow. John Piper has heard these over the years and is eager to win even the most ardent detractors.

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