Will You Wrestle with God?

Jon Bloom
Will You Wrestle with God?
There are times when God only releases his blessings on us after a season of prolonged and even painful wrestling with him.

Seven Questions to Ask Before You Watch ‘Deadpool’

Phillip Holmes
Seven Questions to Ask Before You Watch ‘Deadpool’
Christians are debating whether it’s appropriate to see Deadpool. John Piper explains why he is committed to a radical abstention from anything he knows is going to present him with nudity.

Valentine’s Is About Jesus

Andrew Shanks
Valentine’s Is About Jesus
When we elevate romance in our celebrations of Saint Valentine’s Day, we are doing more than supporting the manufacture of all things kitsch.

Disability Does Not Justify Abortion

John Knight
Disability Does Not Justify Abortion
Abortion advocates are taking advantage of the Zika virus outbreak to encourage liberalizing abortion laws in Brazil. It is shamefully prejudicial against unborn children with disabilities and does not address real public health issues.

Two Funerals in Two Days

Jennifer Brogdon
Two Funerals in Two Days
She lost two people she loved in just forty-eight hours. One was a friend who had heard about Jesus but never believed. The second had surrendered his life to Christ and his glory.

Love the Racist, Confront the Sin

Phillip Holmes
Love the Racist, Confront the Sin
If we’re serious about fighting the sin of ethnic partiality, also known as racism, in the church, we must readily address it locally and privately.

How the Lord Restored Me from Intense Anxiety

Tabor Laughlin
How the Lord Restored Me from Intense Anxiety
I had fears that we actually weren’t going to be able to return to China after all, because of this debilitating anxiety. But the Lord is faithful, and He restored my spirit.

The Greatest Joy Is Still to Come

David Mathis
The Greatest Joy Is Still to Come
God promises us fullness of joy, but not in this life. As good as it is to experience tastes of that joy now, the greatest joy is still to come.

Developing Our Second Bests

Abigail Dodds
Developing Our Second Bests
Mothers can be liberated from the need to chase after being the best, and instead give our all to what God has put before us.

Breaking Through the Despair of Unbelief

Tony Reinke
Breaking Through the Despair of Unbelief
Michael Reeves may now serve as the President of Union School of Theology in Oxford and be recognized as the author of wonderful books like Delighting in the Trinity and Rejoicing in Christ — but those affections for God were hard-won.

Do Not Fear the Hard Things of Marriage

Elizabeth Wann
Do Not Fear the Hard Things of Marriage
A Good Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep; we have such a shepherd and with him we will not fear the hard things of marriage.

The Consequences of Forgiven Sin

John Piper
The Consequences of Forgiven Sin
We must not equate God’s forgiveness of our sin with the absence of painful impact. David’s life is a vivid illustration of this important truth.

Lean in on Sunday Morning

David Mathis
Lean in on Sunday Morning
Our engagement in corporate worship is a barometer for the health of our souls. Do you give effort to silencing your inner critic, and enflaming your inner worshiper?

A Social Media Heart Check

Kim Cash Tate
A Social Media Heart Check
The world of social media can upset our intentions to love God and man. Wisdom would have us check our hearts regularly by keeping key questions in mind.

Prayers for Christ’s Increase and Our Decrease

Jon Bloom
Prayers for Christ’s Increase and Our Decrease
We should not only desire this increasing joy, but also specifically ask God for it and be willing to endure whatever it takes to produce it.

From Slum to Shining Sea

Bonnie McKernan
From Slum to Shining Sea
What we often seek as the object of our pleasure or worth could never satisfy our souls.

More Tough Skin and Tender Hearts

Phillip Holmes
More Tough Skin and Tender Hearts
Over the years I’ve learned that the conversation is complicated and how we view the world and ourselves can radically shape how we engage one another.

You Are the Hands of Jesus

Trillia Newbell
You Are the Hands of Jesus
God is worthy of all of our awe, and it is good to fear the Lord. But have you ever given much thought to how intimate God’s love and care is for people?

Joy Is Not Optional

David Mathis
Joy Is Not Optional
It is good news that joy is not optional in the Christian life, because the final weight falls not on our weak backs, but on the almighty shoulders of God himself.

Take Action Against Adultery

Josh Squires
Take Action Against Adultery
Don’t be deceived. Putting a ring on your finger does little to restrain the rebellion that is in your heart.

Seven Substitutes for True Joy

Marshall Segal
Seven Substitutes for True Joy

His wife was gone.

Sure, last night looked like a lot of nights recently. She’d walked out many times before, but this was different. The abandonment, the adultery, and the deception had mounted a massive assault on their marriage and…


Why We Pray for Our Meals

Jon Bloom
Why We Pray for Our Meals
Praying before we eat a meal is a beautiful thing — or should be a beautiful thing. It is gloriously appropriate to give thanks and praise to God from whom all blessings flow.

Ten Biblical Truths on the Obedience of Children

John Piper
Ten Biblical Truths on the Obedience of Children
Most of us parent by intuition and tradition. That’s not all bad. Parenting is an art, not a science. But our human intuitions and traditions should be shaped by God’s revelation.

All the Poor and Powerless

David Mathis
All the Poor and Powerless
Christianity is not for the self-sufficient, the rich, or the strong. Jesus didn’t come to comfort the well-to-do, but to call the unrighteous, weak, and poor in spirit.

When the Detour Becomes Your New Road

Vaneetha Rendall
When the Detour Becomes Your New Road
When my plans go awry, I want to believe that I have taken a temporary detour. But what if my new sufferings and pain are now my new normal?