Next-Door Strangers

Marshall Segal
Next-Door Strangers
For all that technology has done to connect us with people around the world, it’s put miles between next-door neighbors. It almost feels like you need to book a flight. Face-to-face friendship is a lost art that’s critical to loving the lost, and it’s never too late to be a better neighbor. Continue Reading

One Strategy to Rule Them All

Nancy Pearcey
One Strategy to Rule Them All
Learning to respond to every competing worldview would take a lifetime of study. Do we have to memorize a different argument for every “ism”? The exciting answer is that the Bible itself offers a single, universal strategy we can apply to all systems of thought. The key passage is Romans 1. Continue Reading

Does Joy Die in Sorrow?

John Piper
Does Joy Die in Sorrow?
How can Christians experience joy and happiness when life is so full of heartache and suffering? In ten minutes, John Piper highlights Paul’s supernatural words and emotions: “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.” He ends by sharing about the day he learned his mom had been killed in a car accident. Continue Reading

Fasting for Beginners

David Mathis
Fasting for Beginners
Fasting sounds so simple, and yet the world, our flesh, and the devil conspire to introduce all sorts of complications that keep it from happening. In view of helping you start down the slow path to good fasting, here are six simple pieces of advice. Continue Reading

Change You Can Believe In

Phillip Holmes
Change You Can Believe In
I’m not calling for political apathy. That is irresponsible. Christians desperately need a biblical view of government and a just society. Instead, I’m calling for believers to cast their anxieties about the immorality of society on Jesus and be on mission in their neighborhoods and cities. Continue Reading

Stop and Enjoy the Ordinary

Thomas Schreiner
Stop and Enjoy the Ordinary
There is beauty and mystery buried in our ordinary everyday lives. It’s a mixture of the exciting and the mundane, the sweet and the sorrowful, all meant to lead us to glory and eternity. The key to joy in it all is humility before the God who governs it all. Continue Reading

How Does Joy Overflow in Love?

John Piper
How Does Joy Overflow in Love?
If joy in God is so central to the Christian life, what does that mean for our joy in other people. How does the heart and mind of a Christian Hedonist spill over in love for others. In ten minutes, John Piper explains several key texts that should shape the way we relate to and serve each other. Continue Reading

Pain: A Secret Garden of Pride

Marshall Segal
Pain: A Secret Garden of Pride
Pain can be a secret garden of pride. It can cause us to doubt God’s goodness, wallow in self-pity, and isolate ourselves from him and others. We don’t talk about it often because it’s so sensitive. As touchy as the topic of pain is, though, it’s equally dangerous to tiptoe around it. Continue Reading

Jesus Poisoned Death to Death

John Piper
Jesus Poisoned Death to Death
In four minutes, John Piper ties together the gruesome death of Jesus and our fullest and longest lasting happiness. How can we have hope when we know we will all die? Because Jesus poisoned death to death for you. Piper goes on to describe the kind of person for whom Jesus went to the cross. Continue Reading