Give Your Suitor Some Grace

Elizabeth Wann
Give Your Suitor Some Grace
I was hard on men, and it served me well at weeding out the bad ones in the dating world. But it also held me back from going forward with the good ones. My lack of graciousness was my Achilles’ heel — the one place of weakness and vulnerability amidst my strength and pride. Continue Reading

How Do You Define Joy?

John Piper
How Do You Define Joy?
How do you define joy? If someone asks your what true and lasting happiness is, how would you answer. In ten minutes, John Piper offers his definition, and explains each part. This video is the first of a six-part series on the theme of joy in the book of Philippians. Continue Reading

Is Your Joy Real or an Imposter?

Sam Storms
Is Your Joy Real or an Imposter?
How do we know if we’re experiencing true joy or only a shadow? Sam Storms dives into J. I. Packer’s writing to try and determine what real and lasting joy is, and how we can have it. Biblical joy, he finds, is always deeper than and never dependent on physical, financial, or emotional pleasure. Continue Reading