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The Little Drummer Boy in All of Us

by Jonathan Parnell

“Little Drummer Boy” might be one of the strangest Christmas songs out there, or so it seems. He actually has something to teach us.

Marty: Funeral Meditation from a Grandson

Martha Mae McClain Mathis

((November 15, 1925 – November 30, 2014))

by David Mathis

Contemporary America and a Call to Prayer

by John Piper

John Piper calls the church to new passion in prayer.

Good Guest Writing at Desiring God

Fifteen of Our Favorite Contributions

by DG Staff

Fifteen of our favorite guest contributions to Desiring God

Jesus Wept

by Jon Bloom

Dismembering an Idol

by Jon Bloom

In Luke 19, Zacchaeus the tax collector was converted. He vowed to give back fourfold to anyone he had defrauded. Imagine a conversation he might have had when returning the money.

"Follow Me"

by Jon Bloom