The Fourfold Beauty of a Godly Woman

Amanda Criss
The Fourfold Beauty of a Godly Woman
As we imitate the faith of Sarah, we can leverage our God-given gender and unique gifts to glorify our God and advance his kingdom.

Parenting Is First About My Sin

David Mathis
Parenting Is First About My Sin
The single greatest lesson I’m learning as a father is that parenting is first about my sin and need for growth, not first and foremost about my children’s.

Who Killed the Postmodernist?

John Piper
Who Killed the Postmodernist?
When deconstructionist language games meet survivors of the gestapo and lynching mobs, the stakes are higher than adultery and department politics.

Good Living Is Rooted in Good Theology

Brandon D. Smith
Good Living Is Rooted in Good Theology
Theology should not only help us understand more about who God is, but also help us answer the question, “How should we live?” It’s ultimately wrapped up in our head, heart, and hands. It’s for all of life.

The Right Kind of Atheist

Tony Reinke
The Right Kind of Atheist
This is a story about two friends. One man seems to be the right kind of atheist; the other man seems to be the right kind of Christian.

Five Ways God Relates to You

Dave Zuleger
Five Ways God Relates to You
Every healthy relationship requires regular rhythms of communication and affection. We need to reminded of the love and security we enjoy with God. Here are five ways he cares for you.

Four Steps to Kill Nagging Sins

Gavin Ortlund
Four Steps to Kill Nagging Sins
Many Christians struggle with entrenched and persistent sins that continually entangle us in our efforts to follow Christ. John Owen gives us four strategies for killing nagging sin.

The Most Powerful Apologetic Tool in the World

Jon Bloom
The Most Powerful Apologetic Tool in the World
The Bible itself is the greatest apologetic device that exists in the world. More people come to know and love Jesus Christ simply by reading the Bible than anything else.

Big-God Living in a Man-Pleasing World

Phillip Holmes
Big-God Living in a Man-Pleasing World
Like children, we have an innate desire to “be seen” and share our accomplishments for our joy and the pleasure of another. But because of the fall, this desire has been misdirected.

God Invites You into His Happiness

Mark Jones
God Invites You into His Happiness
We are only as happy, or miserable, as the one we serve. God sent his Son to make us like himself — blessed, happy, content, fulfilled, joyful.

Five Awkward Conversations Every Teen Needs to Have with Their Parents

Jaquelle Crowe
Five Awkward Conversations Every Teen Needs to Have with Their Parents
Not every talk between teenagers and parents has to be awkward, but some of the most important typically are. Here are five awkward and critical conversations you should have with your teenager.

Die to Your Flesh and Live

Jon Bloom
Die to Your Flesh and Live
Fighting your flesh is a daily struggle. What do we prayerfully watch for to escape power of our weak flesh?

How Businesspeople Can Reach the World

John Rinehart
How Businesspeople Can Reach the World
Whether we go or give, speak or send, preach or patron, we are members of one body and partners in one mission, until all tribes, nations, and peoples have heard.

What Does It Really Mean to Be #Blessed?

Vaneetha Rendall Risner
What Does It Really Mean to Be #Blessed?
Pain and loss transform us. While they sometimes unravel us, they can also push us to a deeper life with God than we ever thought possible.

Moms, Your Secret Sacrifices Matter

Shanna Mallon
Moms, Your Secret Sacrifices Matter
Mothers, resist the temptation to believe that if you’re sacrificing and serving and no one notices, what you’re doing must not matter at all. It matters.

Prayer for Beginners

Marshall Segal
Prayer for Beginners
We know we need to pray, but we know we don’t pray enough. And we’re not always sure we’re even doing it right when we do pray. Here are seven helps for your prayer life.

The Daily Work of the Spirit

Liz Wann
The Daily Work of the Spirit
The Spirit’s ministry doesn’t have to be still, quiet, peaceful, and at a scheduled time. The Holy Spirit works in the mundane everyday moments of life — the nitty-gritty daily grind.

Should Christians Cremate Their Loved Ones?

John Piper
Should Christians Cremate Their Loved Ones?
Cremation has skyrocketed over the past generation, mostly for financial reasons. It raises the question whether Christians should burn or bury their loved ones.

Is My Singleness a Gift?

Ryan Griffith
Is My Singleness a Gift?
The culture says the sexual fulfillment is essential for human happiness. Sadly, the church has often said the same thing. But singleness is not a trial to be endured. It is a good thing to be maximized.

Give Us Eyes for the Lonely

Reggie Osborne II
Give Us Eyes for the Lonely
As the church gathers this weekend, try to look around with the eyes of Christ. You may be amazed at what you see.

Advice for Better Bible Memory

Jimmy Needham
Advice for Better Bible Memory
We easily get inspired to start memorizing the Bible. But while enthusiasm and resolve may last for the night, reality comes with the morning. Here are five tips to help you stick with it.

Like Any Prince

Jon Bloom
Like Any Prince
Despite the grandiose words that are now being spoken, the artist and the significance of his art will fade with startling speed from the public consciousness.

You Also Are in the Body

K.A. Ellis
You Also Are in the Body
We are in the midst of an unprecedented rise in global anti-Christian hostility, yet the plight of Christians in the midst of these conversations is too often overlooked by Christians themselves.

A Gutsy Prayer for Grown Men

Marshall Segal
A Gutsy Prayer for Grown Men
Jesus's short prayer is simple enough for children to commit to memory, but we need to remember that he was teaching twelve grown men who would all die for their faith.

Singles Don’t Miss Out on Sanctification

Stacy Crouch
Singles Don’t Miss Out on Sanctification
You can be confident of this: you aren’t missing out on any needful lessons as a single person. Here’s how you can be sure.