When Fear Seizes You

Stacy Reaoch
When Fear Seizes You

This past fall my husband had the privilege of going to Turkey to speak at a conference for Christian workers. Although I was excited for his opportunity, I was also feeling somewhat hesitant with the terrorist activity in nearby Syria…

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Jesus Wept

David Mathis
Jesus Wept
In these tears we see that God does not stand aloof to the pains of our existence. He has drawn near. He has taken our flesh and blood. We suffer no pain he was unwilling to bear. We have no grief he was unwilling to carry. Continue Reading

Where Is Heaven on Earth?

Jonathan Parnell
Where Is Heaven on Earth?
Once in college I went to a prayer meeting put on by a small Evangelical denomination in the rural South. It was the kind of denomination that has a string of adjectives before the word “Baptist” — the kind that you might expect to handle snakes or something. Continue Reading

Superior Women

Douglas Wilson
Superior Women
Godly marriage is designed in such a way as to make it impossible for a man to out-give his wife. This is not because he gets to be the selfish one, but rather this is for the same reason an industrious farmer cannot possibly out-give his field. Continue Reading