Seven Ways to Improve Your Team

David Mathis
Seven Ways to Improve Your Team
Jesus sent his disciples out two by two, and throughout the New Testament, leadership in the local church is always plural (first the apostles, then the elders/pastors/overseers. Here are seven ways for ministry teams (and especially team leaders) to pursue health and fitness in team dynamics. Continue Reading

Reignite Your Prayer Life

Don Whitney
Reignite Your Prayer Life
How’s your prayer life? Hardly any question can cause more chin-dropping, foot-shuffling embarrassment for Christians than asking about their prayer life. Why do so many followers of Jesus suffer with such unsatisfying prayer lives and consider themselves hopelessly second-rate Christians for it? Continue Reading

We Should Pray for Healing

Jon Bloom
We Should Pray for Healing
Should we pray for healing? Yes! The New Testament instructs us to ask God to distribute this gift for the glory of Jesus. Pray for the sick. God will only answer these prayers with good! Don’t settle for little faith and low expectations. Stir up faith! Earnestly desire this gift. Continue Reading

Home Alone

Marshall Segal
Home Alone
The same device that connects us with people all over the world alienates us from those just across the room. At least two lies keep us so close to them: The world needs me, and I need the world. The truth frees us to love those closest to us, the ones who often need us most. Continue Reading

Broken But Grateful

Phillip Holmes
Broken But Grateful
The dazed driver attempted to start the engine, and Aaron ran for cover, fearing that the truck would explode. He ran towards what he thought was a median, but because he was unfamiliar with the area, and it was dark, he instead jumped in a ravine. His life would never be the same. Continue Reading

The World Needs More One-Woman Men

David Mathis
The World Needs More One-Woman Men
The “one-woman man” seems like an endangered species today. In our over-sexualized and confused society, it’s increasingly rare to come across married men who are truly faithful to their bride. It may be even more rare to find unmarried men who are on the trajectory of fidelity to one woman. Continue Reading

A Picture of Prevailing Prayer

Jon Bloom
A Picture of Prevailing Prayer
Real prayer begins with real desire, often with real desperation. We cry to God, but he does not seem to respond. We are discouraged by circumstances, and sometimes by people, from continuing to ask. How does God want us to respond to this? He wants us to *keep asking and cry out louder!* Continue Reading