Get Alone Undistracted

Tony Reinke

Never Offline. The recent Time Magazine cover was intended to unnerve. The ominous reality is that computers are invading. They are getting strapped and stuck on us, moving into our glasses and our watches. Technology is “attempting to colonize our bodies.”

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When God Himself Speaks to You

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper says that good news is so dense and so constant in Romans 8 — and so vastly superior to all earthly good news — that we scarcely feel the force of it until we take every verse of Romans 8 and restate it as the miracle it means for our lives.

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How God Embraces the Embarrassed

Paul Maxwell

Whether it’s a laughable underwear-on-stage experience (laughable later), or a deeply unsettling loss of integrity, embarrassment is a besetting quality of human life. It lurks and stalks beneath the surface of our circumstances, waiting to sink its teeth into…

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