Don’t Give Up on Don

Marshall Segal

This weekend, in an interview with Anderson Cooper, Donald Sterling has asked for forgiveness.

Now, you won’t have to listen to the interview very long before you’ll be tempted to raise questions about the depth of his remorse and contrition. It certainly doesn’t help his cause that he’s immediately shoving blame onto his mistress. It will be easy to hurry to conclusions about his “confession,” but I want to…

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When Waiting Doesn’t Work

Jon Bloom

Fifty-one years ago this spring, thirty-four-year-old Martin Luther King, Jr. sat in a Birmingham jail cell, technically because he had been “parading without a permit.” But that was a sham. Everyone knew it. He was in jail because he had led thousands in a non-violent protest against unjust and dehumanizing laws of racial segregation in Alabama.

Sitting in the cell, Dr. King read an open letter in a newspaper by…

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The Long Arc of Real Love

Jonathan Parnell

Packed away in the laundry room of my basement, off the beaten paths of normal household traffic, smashed together with the dried-up ladybugs and an occasional spider, are twenty garbage bags filled with toys.

They belong to our kids.

A few weeks ago, after more than one prophetic notice, my wife and I packed up every single toy in our house. Our gentle, shepherding efforts, so often used to break…

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Confessions of a Grown-Up Momma’s Boy

Marshall Segal

Mothers are mind-blowing people if you stop to look at them.

In their body, they can carry, feed, protect, and eventually deliver a child — a human being, like you or me. They often set aside personal gifts and aspirations for the sake of the family. They very often are the ones to confront and conquer the warzone of the home — a world of overwhelming, ever-changing, and ever-undone demands.…

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Preparing to Worship in Attending a Wedding

Catherine Parks

It’s the beginning of the wedding season, which for many of us will mean multiple opportunities to witness afresh the symbolic representation of Christ’s covenant with his church.

Of course, this is especially the case at a Christian wedding, but even if the bride and groom are not believers, their wedding points to a far greater reality than they know, designed by our creator to anticipate the union of his…

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Hope for the Despairing Heart

Christina Fox

The gospel saved me.

“That’s elementary,” you might be thinking. Yes, the gospel, the truths of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, appropriated by faith, have saved me for all eternity. But that’s not the salvation about which I am thinking.

The gospel saved me from my pit of despair.

I have battled depression on and off since adolescence. It began the year my grandmother died, I switched schools, and…

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Why We Educate Our Girls

John Piper

On April 14, 2014, the terrorist Islamist group called Boko Haram kidnapped over 270 girls, most between ages 16 and 18, from the Chibok Government Girls Secondary School in northeast Nigeria.

Boko Haram means “Western education is sinful.” Part of the motivation behind the attack is their belief that it is sinful for girls to be formally educated at all. Educating girls is a Western effort to undermine the Islamic…

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When Joy Is Hard to Come By

David Mathis

You’re not alone in your struggle for joy.

With remaining sin in our hearts, brokenness in our lives, and fallenness in our world, every Christian experiences seasons where we simply don’t feel the joy. And many of the “greats” in the history of the church have been some of her most downcast and depressed.

The question is not whether we will one day feel the angst of David’s heart, “Restore…

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Walking the Wedding Aisle Without Your Virginity

Tony Reinke

A young man recently emailed this question in to the Ask Pastor John podcast:

Pastor John, I want to propose to my girlfriend, and as I prepare for marriage thoughts of my past mistakes come to mind. I think back to women I slept with before I was saved, and mistakes I made with my current girlfriend who I will, Lord willing, marry. People often speak of the purity to…

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You Won’t Waste Your Life

Jonathan Parnell

Could you give your life to making Jesus known in an obscure, rural area?

This is a good question to ask ourselves. While the statistics say that an increasing percentage of the world’s population lives in cities, that doesn’t mean everyone lives in cities. Many people still live in less densely populated areas — the country, the sticks, “the highways and hedges,” we might say. Millions, even in the States,…

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