What Is Essential to Being a Christian?

Tyler Kenney

Being a Christian doesn’t only mean that you assent to a certain set of doctrines. There are other equally important things that must be true. Jonathan Edwards explains.

It is essential to Christianity

  • that we repent of our sins,
  • that we be convinced of our own sinfulness,
  • that we are sensible we have justly exposed ourselves to God’s wrath,
  • that our hearts do renounce all sin,
  • that we do with…
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Speaking to Muslims About the Crucified Christ

Jonathan Parnell

John Piper writes,

Jesus said, “I know that you do not have the love of God within you. I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not receive me. If another comes in his own name, you will receive him” (John 5:42–43).

When Jesus says, “receive him,” he means receive him for who he really is: the divine, eternal Son of God who lays down his life for…

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Ed Stetzer on Spiritual Warfare

Jonathan Parnell

Theology Refresh is a podcast for pastors and Christian leaders designed to sharpen our grasp of key doctrines used in everyday ministry. Each podcast is around 15-minutes (or less), which is the time it takes for the average daily commute.

The latest discussion is with Ed Stetzer on spiritual warfare.

It's a mistake to dismiss the battle that's going on around us. God is sovereign, reigning over all, and his…

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Parents, Beware: Proverbs Are Not Promises

David Mathis

Far too many of us who (rightly) renounce the so-called "prosperity gospel" (wrongly) coddle our own little version of it as we focus on our families.

Richard Pratt:

In recent decades, Christian television has spread what many call the “prosperity gospel” — the misguided belief that if we have enough faith, God will heal our diseases and provide us with great financial blessings. Of course, most people reading this article…

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Psalm 121: What It Means That Yahweh Is Your Guardian

Jason DeRouchie

Psalm 121 is a treasure of promise for the suffering believer, whose “help comes from the Lord ” (verse 2). After personally celebrating Yahweh’s guardianship in verses 1–2, the psalmist turns to give assurance to others in verses 3–8. He declares the nature of God’s guarding role in verse 3–4: “He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, he who keeps Israel…

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The Leading and Quenching of the Spirit

Josh Etter

Martyn Lloyd-Jones:

Here again is a most extraordinary subject, and indeed a very fascinating one, and, from many angles, a most glorious one. There is no question but that God's people can look for and expect "leadings," "guidance," "indications of what they are meant to do." There are many examples of this in the Scriptures and I take one at random. You remember the story in Acts 8:26ff of how…

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Desiring God's Younger Cousin

John Piper

I am overjoyed that The Pleasures of God is here in a new edition. You can order the book, DVD and study guide, all for $10 total. [Note: This special is no longer available.]

Here’s how I would describe it. First, compare it with its older cousin, Desiring God.

Desiring God is about our glad experience of God. The Pleasures of God is about God’s glad experience of God.…

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Eight Ways to Approach Scripture

Jonathan Parnell

J. C. Ryle was a man of the Word.

The first bishop of Liverpool, and subject of John Piper's biographical message at next week's Conference for Pastors, wanted his people to read the Scriptures. And we want the same thing, for ourselves and for you.

To help us out, Erik Kowalker recently compiled a list of tips straight from Ryle's book Practical Religion. Here are eight profitable ways…

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Do You Feel Called to Teach?

Jonathan Parnell

In 1977 John Piper organized some advice for a group of college students who were considering a career in teaching biblical and theological studies.

The counsel includes the goal of teaching, the difficultly in teaching, and the personal traits that might make you fit for such a vocation.

Here's the list of those five personal traits:

  1. You have to be a good explainer.
  2. You have to believe in the value…
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