We Don't Want to Live at Second Hand

Jonathan Parnell

Helmut Thielicke's A Little Exercise for Young Theologians was written for nascent theology students in the mid-twentieth century, but it really applies to us all now. In 1959 the academic institutions of these "young theologians" introduced them to theological truths that are only clicks away from us today. The accessibility we have in the West to theological resources is astounding. And it's also dangerous.

The mind moves a little faster…

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Pastors, Be Men of God

Josh Etter

Pastor John from 1988:

Our people need a God-besotted man. Even if they criticize the fact that you are not available at the dinner on Saturday night because you must be with God, they need at least one man in their life who is radically and totally focused on God and the pursuit of the knowledge of God, and the ministry of the word of God.

How many people in…

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Hurting People Need to Know the Character of God

John Knight

During a recent interview, Pastor John pointed out that most people recoil at the thought of God’s sovereignty over things like making babies who are born blind, or ordaining deadly diseases. He asked me why the healing accounts that demonstrate God’s sovereignty over disability are such good news to me.

I’ve thought quite a bit since he asked that question, and I believe my first response to him was…

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It’s Now or Never: Love Your Enemies

John Piper

I have heard preachers say, the only thing we do on this earth that we won’t do in the age to come, is witness to unbelievers. So be about it. This is your only chance. It’s now or never.

Well, it is now or never. And we should be about it. The point is well made.

But there is another now-or-never.

Jesus said, “Love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44). He clearly…

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Are Fairy Tales Just for Children?

Joe Rigney

The central thrust of this recurring column is that learning to live like a Narnian is something worth pursuing. Indeed, I want to commend it as a crucial component of Christian discipleship. In other words, I want to make a case for Narnian discipleship, not merely as a coincidental byproduct of reading the Narnian stories, but as one of Lewis’s (and God’s!) chief goals in the Narniad itself.

Beware of

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Correct Thinking About Jesus' Commands Is Not Obedience to Them

Jonathan Parnell

In the Introduction to Pastor John's 1979 monograph, Love Your Enemies, he confesses his concern about the hard work of academic reading. He writes:

Every scholarly work on the New Testament is preponderantly an intellectual exercise. The work of thinking which the production of a book like this demands from the author is demanded also from its reader. But because of the nature of the reality with which this…

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Serve and Respect the Elder Saints

Josh Etter

Charles Spurgeon writes:

Some are like the sun going down in the west; they will be gone soon. Serve them, dear brethren. You that are in health and vigour, comfort them, strengthen them, and help them all you can. Be a joy to that dear old man, who has been spared to you even beyond the allotted threescore years and ten, and praise God for the grace that has upheld
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