Don’t Waste Time with Your Children

Christina Fox

“Do you think you’ll always want a story and snuggle time before bed?” I asked my youngest child. Lying amid piles of his stuffed animals, books, and favorite blankets, my son turned to me and smiled. “No, Mom. Probably not.”

My kids are growing before my eyes. I recently realized that I am halfway through raising my oldest. To be honest, it’s sobering to realize how quickly time with my…

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An All-Consuming Passion for Jesus (Free eBook)

Tony Reinke

Thousands of college students wait silently in a dark auditorium as you make your way to the podium, under the spotlight. What will you say? What will you offer them?

When he climbs the stage at Passion2014 in Atlanta this weekend, John Piper will face this moment again.

Marking the eighteenth year of his involvement in the conference, this event has inspired some of Piper’s most memorable messages. It was…

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The Idol Behind Same-Sex Desires

Sam Allberry

I don’t speak as an outsider when I say same-sex attraction is often tightly bound up with idolatry.

Contrary to heterosexual desires (a desire for what we are not, and cannot become), same-sex desires are cravings for what we want to see in ourselves, but lack. Often a powerful emotional over-dependency, and a profound need to be around someone to gain their approval and affirmation, arise in the heart as…

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Put Your Foot on It

Jonathan Parnell

We definitely wouldn’t let our kids see this.

If the next Bible-inspired movie was about Joshua taking the Promised Land, it might even be one that many adults choose to miss, especially if it stays true to the biblical account. It would likely have more violence than the roughest action film to date, though at the same time, and to much surprise, offer more hope than the best feel-good movie…

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Come, Look Through This Telescope

Jon Bloom

He gave . . . teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God. (Ephesians 4:11–13)

When you look heavenward on a clear night, you can see glory. But look through a strong telescope, and your mouth may drop.

That’s what sitting under…

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Missions: Rescuing from Hell and Renewing the World

John Piper

In 2012, sociologist Robert Woodberry published the astonishing fruit of a decade of research into the effect of missionaries on the health of nations. The January/February 2014 issue of Christianity Today tells the story of what he found in an article called “The World the Missionaries Made.”

There is a lesson implicit in these findings that I would like to draw out for the sake of the eternal…

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The Centerpiece of Sunday Worship

Marshall Segal

What really moves you on Sunday mornings?

There are a lot of potential answers to that question. Maybe the music is enough to get you out of bed. The old hymns have always resonated deeply with you, or the church’s worship band is consistently finding creative and compelling ways to put enduring truth to a new tune.

Or it could be a dynamic, engaging preacher, someone you could listen to…

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100,000 Hours: Eight Aims for Your Career

Marshall Segal

What should I do with my life?

It’s one of the biggest questions on most young minds, especially during and after our college years. The practical question is, "What will I do for a living?" When you do the math — 50 hours x 50 weeks x 40 years — and realize we’re talking about 100,000 hours, the question really is, “What will I be?”

Here are eight aims…

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Love Is Not a Verb

Jon Bloom

Two weeks ago, I encouraged us all to make a 2014 resolve to “pursue love” (1 Corinthians 13:5). Based on the following statements by Jesus, I would say that love is the most important thing to pursue this year.

[The greatest commandment:] You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment.…

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Top 25 @JohnPiper Tweets

Marshall Segal

We added retweets and favorites, from the data we have available, to gather the top twenty-five tweets from @JohnPiper. They deal with deep, spiritual insight, practical preparation, major current events, and especially relevant resources. And they speak to Taylor Swift, the Boston bombers, President Obama, and everyone else. Sometimes it’s just sentences that change us. May God use these to help you, whether for the first time or one more…

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